Palpitation of The: Heart, a violent and iiregular action of that muscle, accompanied with great uneasiness and op-pression of the breast.

This affection is obvious from the vehement pulsation of the heart against the breast, which is sometimes .so great, as to be audible at a distance. It chiefly affects persons of sedentary occupations ; those, Whose periodical bleedings have suddenly ceased; and also, hypochondriec; hysteric, and scorbutic patients.

Palpitations of the heart originate from various causes: such as mal - conformation of that org or of some of the large vessels; wounds, abscesses, and ossifications in the vessels near the heart; all of which are incurable. It may likewise proceed from plethora ; from fear ; and from spasmodic affections,.

Cure. If the patient be of a full habit, venesection will produce immediate relief; after which he ought to drink, liberally, weak and warm liquors; and to take moderate exercise in the open air. The first passages should likewise be cleansed, by means of infusions of rhubarb, and senna, or similar mild laxatives. Clysters will also be found occasionally serviceable : and considerable benefit has been derived from frequent bathing of the feet in warm water.- In spasmodic cases, where the palpitation is induced by Hypochondriac Affection, hysterics, etc. it may be relieved by employing the remedies pointed out, under the respective heads of those disorders.