Red-Breast, or Robin-Red-Breast, Motacilla rubecula, L. a little bird, the body of which is of a greenish ash colour; and the forehead, throat, neck, and breast, are marked with a rufous orange shade.

This familiar and diminutive creature inhabits Britain, and the whole Continent of Europe. - It abounds in several provinces of France, where numbers are caught for the table, being there esteemed a great delicacy.

Red - breasts construct; their nests either in some low bush near the ground, or in retired parts of old buildings. The female lays twice annually, from five to six dusky-white eggs, marked with reddish spots.

Insects are the favourite and ge-neral food of these bird; there are none of the feathered tribe more tame and useful than the Red-breast, which closely attends the gardener, when at work with the spade, with the view of obtaining worms : and, frequently in the winter season, enters houses, where the doors or windows are open, when it picks up the crumbs from the table, while the family are at dinner.