Anotta, is an elegant red colouring substance, prepared from the pellicles, or pulp, which surround the seeds of the Arnotto Tree, or Bixa, L. a native of South America.

According to Labat, the Indians prepare an anotta far superior to that imported info Britain : it is of a bright, glossy, red colour, little inferior to Carminf. For this purpose, instead of steeping and fermenting the seeds in water, they rub them with the hands, previously immersed in oil, till the pellicles are separated, and reduced to a clear paste; which is then scraped off with a knife, and exposed on a clean leaf in the shade, where it is gradually dried.

Anotta pays, on importation, a duty of l 2/3d. per lb. - It is chiefly used for imparting to wool or silk a deep, though Dot permanent, orange hue. Considerable quantities of this dyeing drug are likewise employed in the colouring of Cheese ; and also as an ingredient in varnishes, for communicating an orange shade to the simple yellows.

From the wax or pulp, in which the seeds of the arnotto-tree are inclosed, the Indians and Spaniards prepare a cool, agreeably rich cordial, which they mix with their chocolate, for improving its flavour, and heightening its colour. The roots possess nearly similar properties, but operate more powerfully by the urinary passages: - . they are employed by the natives in broths, and answer all the purposes of the pulp, though in a weaker degree.