Worms, or Earth-worms, in husbandry, are very injurious creatures, especially in corn-fields ; where they consume the young roots, and thus destroy the greater part of the crop.

To prevent such depredations, it has been recommended to manure the woR the soil with soot, or salt; or to Sprinkle it with sea-water ; and, where this cannot be easily procured, with a solution of bay-salt in common water. The brine of salted meat may likewise be employed in gardens; or, if walnut-leaves be steeped in water for a few days, the fluid will acquire such a degree of bitterness, as to prove a certain poison to reptiles of every description.

In the 5th vol.of the " New Travs-actions of the Imperial Academy of Sciences at Petersburgh, " M. Socoloff, directs 3 parts of fresh quick-lime to be mixed with 2 parts of a saturated solution of fixed alkali in water: the result is a highly caustic, milky fluid; which, when poured into the holes frequented by earth-worms, and other vermin, instantly kills them. - This liquor may also be advantageously sprinkled on trees infested by caterpillars and other insects, which are thus expeditiously destroyed, without injuring vegetation.