Shirt, a loose garment, generally worn next the skin.

The material of which shirts, are usually made, is linen, though FLANNEL is doubtless a more natural and salubrious covering for the body, on account of its porous nature;, the superior warmth, and many other advantages thence resulting, which have already been explained under that article. As, however, fashion requires this garment to be made of linen, we deem it necessary to observe, that the collar and wristbands ought to be made sufficiently wide, as too great tightness around the neck and wrists, is highly prejudicial to health ; occasioning difficulty of breathing, and sometimes even paralytic or apoplectic fits, farther, cleanliness enjoins the frequent changing of linen, especially during the summer ; and, though the propriety of such practice with patients has frequently bean questioned, yet the shirt ought to be renewed, as often as can be safely and conveniently effected; because it greatly contributes to pro-mot.: insensible perspiration. This vestment, however, ought in all cases to be perfectly aired; as numerous maladies, and even premature death, have been occasioned by inattention to that circumstance.