Speedwell, or Veronica, L a genus of plants comprehending 54 species, 17 of which are indigenous : the principal of these are the following:

1. The Beccabunga: See Brook-lime.

2. The Chamaedrys : See Germander, the Wild.

3. The officinalis, Common Speedwell, Male Speedwell, or FLuellin, is perennial, grows on heaths, and in barren grounds; flowers from May till August. - The leaves of this vegetable are slightly bitter and astringent: formerly, an infusion of them was highly prized, as a domestic remedy in coughs and asthmatic complaints. - In a decoction with iron-filings, these leaves yield a black dye for leather. - The plant is eaten by cows, sheep, gouts, and horses: but refused by hogs.

4. The scutellata, or Narrow-leaved Speedwell, thrives on poor swampy soils, and flowers from June to August. - It affords grateful food to geese and ducks.

5. The Anagallis, or Narrow-Leaved Pimpernell-Speedwell, grows in slow streams and shallow ponds, where it flowers in July and August. - This species may be eaten both as salad, and among other culinary vegetables.