Usquebaugh, a strong, compound, spirituous liquor, which is prepared in the following manner :

Take of cloves, cinnamon, and nutmegs, each 2 oz.; of caraway, anise, and coriander-seeds, each 4 oz.; and half a pound of liquorice-root, cut in slices. Let these ingredients be bruised, and distilled with11 gallons of proof-spirit, and 2 gallons of water, till the faints begin to rise. When the liquor is about to run, 2 oz. of British saffron, tied in a linen bag, should be fixed to the extremity of the worm, so that the spirit may filtre through, and extract all the virtues of the saffron. When the distillation is completed, the whole should be sweetened with a sufficient quantity of double-refined sugar, and decanted for use.

Usquebaugh is chiefly employed as a cordial, and may occasionally be drunk with advantage, by persons who have undergone great bodily fatigue ; but, as the possession of such luscious beverage is apt to introduce detestable habits, we conceive, that diluted rum, or other simple spirit, would afford a proper substitute for this expensive compound.