At the signal the wedge is instantly formed as shown in diagram forty-one.


Feint play from the wedge.

As the ball is snapped fb rushes forward and, receiving it from qb at x, immediately crouches down behind c, shielded from view by the center, guards, and ends, who are tightly massed together.

Qb then instantly darts out from behind the wedge to the left, accompanied by lh and rh, who swing well back from the line to attract attention, and hold closely together * to deceive the other side into the belief that they have the ball.

The opposing team immediately suppose that a play around the end from the wedge is being attempted and rush toward the side of the field to intercept it.

Fb remains crouched behind c until qb, rh, and lh are well off toward the side of the field, as at x, and then suddenly springs up and circles the opposite end, accompanied by re, who makes sure to block the opposing le in case he has come around behind the line.

Note. Compare this play with that shown in diagram thirty-nine.

* See cut A.