To send fb around the end on a feint to kick, rh and lh draw from one to two yards behind their original positions, while fb moves over toward the right to fb2, from two to three yards in the rear of rh.


Full back feints a kick and runs around the end.

When the ball is put in play qb passes carefully and accurately to fb, who. with coolness and deliberation, without betraying by the slightest glance or uneasy movement that he is about to run, goes through the preparatory movements of being about to kick.

All the men in the line block their opponents as usual, with the exception of re. The latter allows his man unimpeded progress straight for fb, simply forcing him to run to the inside of him as he passes, or takes the first extra man in the line outside of RT.

As the opposing le is almost upon him, coming forward at full speed, fb suddenly darts to the right in order to dodge le, which is easily done, and dashes around the right end. The entire success of the play will depend upon the coolness and skill of fb in waiting until the last moment before dodging to the right and in not allowing his ultimate design to be prematurely discovered. In case the opposing tackle succeeds in breaking through the line rh must take him and force him to the inside.