To send rg through his own opening to the right of c, the full-back and half-backs are placed back as if for a kick, as shown in the cut. FB assumes every appearance of being about to receive and kick the ball.


Guard through his own opening on the same side.

As the ball is snapped rg jumps slightly back and toward qb, allowing the opposing lg, who is eager to break through and stop the kick, to pass through the line outside of him. Qb instantly hands the ball to rg, who plunges back into the line through the opening left vacant by the opposing guard, with qb directly behind him.

C endeavors to force his man well to the left as he snaps the ball.

A similar play is less successfully attempted at the tackle.

The old play of having the end lie well out and receive the ball on a long pass from qb is now almost absolutely discarded.

Note. Care must be taken by qb not to make a forward pass.