To send rg to buck the center, at a given signal rg runs back from the line and takes the position at rg2, while rh jumps in and fills temporarily the position of rg.


Guard drops back and bucks the center.

As soon as rg is in his position the ball is snapped. Rg dashes forward, receives it at x, and plunges into the opening to the right of c with his head down, striking the line hard * An opening in the line is made as shown in diagram five.

Re, fb, lh, le, and qb all rush in behind rg, starting forward in the lines indicated as the ball is put in play and push, as in diagram twenty-one.*

Lt, lg, and rt play as in diagram five.

Note. The above play is valuable for a light team if they happen to have a heavy and powerful guard.

After rg has been sent at the center once or twice it will be very effective to have qb pass the ball to lh, instead of rg, for a run around the right end, as shown in diagram eight. Rg will then precede lh as does rh in diagram eight.

* See Note, diagram one.