Committee Defined

Wherever the word Committee is used in these Rules, it refers to the Committee in charge of the Competition.

Rule 1 - The Winner

1. In Stroke Competitions the competitor who holes the stipulated round or rounds in the fewest strokes shall be the winner.

Order of Play

2. Competitors shall play in couples; if from any cause there be a single competitor, the Committee shall either provide him with a player, or select a marker for him and allow him to compete alone.

The order and times of starting should, when possible, be determined by ballot.

Order of Starting

3. Competitors should strike off from the first tee in the order in which their names appear upon the starting list.

The Honor

Thereafter the honor should be taken as in match play, but if a competitor by mistake play out of turn, no penalty shall be incurred, and the stroke cannot be recalled.

Rule 2 - Not To Discontinue Play In Bad Weather

1. Competitors shall start in the order and at the times arranged by the Committee. They shall not discontinue play nor delay to start on account of bad weather or for any other reason whatever, except such as the Committee may consider satisfactory.

The penalty for a breach of this Rule shall be disqualification.

Course Unplayable

2. If the Committee consider that the course is not in a playable condition, or that insufficient light renders the proper playing of the game impossible, it shall at any time have power to declare the day's play null and void.

Rule 3 - Ties, How And When Decided

If the lowest scores be made by two or more competitors, the tie or ties shall be decided by another round to be played on the same day; but if the Committee determine that this is inexpedient or impossible, it shall appoint a day and time for the decision of the tie or ties.

Should an uneven number of competitors tie, their names shall be drawn by ballot and placed upon a list; the competitors shall then play in couples in the order in which their names appear. The single competitor shall be provided for by the Committee either under Rule I (2), or by allowing three competitors to play together if their unanimous consent has been obtained.

Rule 4 - New Holes

1. New holes should be made on the day on which Stroke Competitions begin.

Practice on Day of Competition

2. On the day of the Competition, before starting, no competitor shall play on, or on to, any of the putting-greens, nor shall he intentionally play at any hole of the stipurules Of G O L F lated round which is within his reach, under penalty of disqualification.

Rule 5 - The Scores, How Kept

1. The score for each hole shall be kept by a marker or by each competitor noting the other's score. Should more than one marker keep a score, each shall sign the part of the score for which he is responsible. The scores should be called out after each hole. On completion of the stipulated round the card shall be signed by the person who has marked it, and the competitor shall see that it is handed in as soon as reasonably possible. The penalty for a breach of this Rule shall be disqualification.

Scoring cards should be issued with the date and the player's name entered on the card.

Marking and Addition of Scores

2. Competitors must satisfy themselves before the cards are handed in that the scores for each hole are correctly marked, as no alteration can be made on any card after it has been returned. If it be found that a competitor has returned a score lower than that actually played, he shall be disqualified. For the additions of the scores marked the Committee shall be responsible.

Committee to Decide Doubtful Penalties

3. If, on the completion of the stipulated round, a player is doubtful whether he has incurred a penalty at any hole, he may enclose his scoring card with a written statement of the circumstances to the Committee, who shall decide what penalty, if any, has been incurred.