Rule 1 Mode Of Play

1. The Game of Golf is played by two sides, each playing its own ball.

The game consists in each side playing a ball from a teeing-ground into a hole by successive strokes. The hole is won by the side which holes its ball in fewer strokes than the opposing side, except as otherwise provided for in the Rules.

The hole is halved if both sides hole out in the same number of strokes.

Conditions Of Match

2. A match consists of one round of the course unless it be otherwise agreed. A match is won by the side which is leading by a number of holes greater than the number of holes remaining to be played.

A match is halved if each side win the same number of holes.

Priority On The Course

Matches constituted of singles, threesomes, or foursomes shall have precedence of and be entitled to pass any other kind of match.

A single player has no standing, and shall always give way to a match of any kind.

Any match playing a whole round shall be entitled to pass a match playing a shorter round.

If a match fail to keep its place on the green, and lose in distance more than one clear hole on the players in front, it may be passed, on request being made.

Rule 2 - On The Teeing-ground

I. A match begins by each side playing a ball from the first teeing-ground.

A ball played from outside the limits of the teeing-ground, or played by a player when his opponent should have had the honor, may be at once recalled by the opposing side, and may be re-teed without penalty.

If a ball fall or be knocked off a tee by the player in addressing it, it may be re-teed without penalty; if the ball be struck when so moving, no penalty shall be incurred.

The Honor

2. The option of taking the honor at the first teeing-ground shall, if necessary, be decided by lot.

The side which wins a hole shall take the honor at the next teeing-ground. If a hole has been halved, the side which had the honor at the previous teeing-ground shall retain it.

On beginning a new match, the winner of the long match in the previous round shall take the honor; if the previous long match was halved, the side which last won a hole shall take the honor.

Rale 3

Order of Play in Threesome and Foursome

In a threesome or foursome the partners shall strike off alternately from the teeing-grounds, and shall strike alternately during the play of each hole.

If a player play when his partner should have played, his side shall lose the hole.

Rule 4 - Asking Advice

1. A player may not ask for nor willingly receive advice from any one except his own caddie, his partner, or his partner's caddie.

Advice from Forecaddie

2. A player may employ a forecaddie, but may not receive advice from him.

Indicating Line of Play

3. When playing through the green, or from a hazard, a player may have the line to the hole indicated to him, but no mark shall be placed nor shall any one stand on the proposed line, in order to indicate it, while the stroke is being made.

The penalty for a breach of this Rule shall be the loss of the hole.

Rule 5 - Ball To Be Fairly Struck

The ball must be fairly struck at with the head of the club, not pushed, scraped, or spooned. The penalty for a breach of this Rule shall be the loss of the hole.

Rule 6 - Ball Played Wherever It Lies

A ball must be played wherever it lies or the hole be given up, except as otherwise provided for in the Rules and Local Rules.

Rule 7 - The Ball Farther From Hole Played First

When the balls are in play, the ball farther from the hole shall be played first. Through the green, or in a hazard, if a player play when his opponent should have played, the opponent may at once recall the stroke. A ball so recalled shall be dropped as near as possible to the place where it lay, without penalty.

Rule 8 - How To Drop A Ball

A ball shall be dropped in the following manner: The player himself shall drop it. He shall face the hole, stand erect, and drop the ball behind him over his shoulder.

The penalty for a breach of this Rule shall be the loss of the hole.

If, in the act of dropping, the ball touch the player, he shall incur no penalty, and, if it roll into a hazard, the player may redrop the ball without penalty.

Rule 9 - Ball Not To Be Touched Except As Provided For In Rules

I. A ball in play may not be touched before the hole is played out, except as provided for in the Rules.

The penalty for a breach of this Rule shall be one stroke.

Ball not to be Touched except in Addressing

The player may, without penalty, touch his ball with his club in the act of addressing it, provided he does not move it.

Ball not to be Touched Except for Identification

A ball in play may, with the opponent's consent, be lifted for the purpose of identification, but it must be carefully replaced.

Ball Moved by Opponent's Ball

2. If the player's ball move the opponent's ball through the green or in a hazard, the opponent, if he choose, may drop a ball, without penalty, as near as possible to the place where his ball lay, but this must be done before another stroke is played by either side.

Rule 10 - Removal Of Irregularities Of Surface

In playing through the green, irregularities of surface which could in any way affect the player's stroke shall not be removed nor pressed down by the player, his partner, or either of their caddies; a player is, however, always entitled to place his feet firmly on the ground when taking his stance.

The penalty for a breach of this Rule shall be the loss of the hole.

Rule 11 Removal Of Obstructions

Any flag-stick, guide-flag, movable guide-post, wheelbarrow, tool, roller, grass-cutter, box, vehicle, or similar obstruction may be removed. A ball moved in removing such an obstruction shall be replaced without penalty. A ball lying on or touching such an obstruction, or lying on or touching clothes, or nets, or ground under repair or covered up or opened for the purpose of the upkeep of the course, or lying in one of the holes, or in a guide-flag hole, or in a hole made by the green-keeper, may be lifted and dropped without penalty as near as possible to the place where it lay, but not nearer to the hole. A ball lifted in a hazard, under such circumstances, shall be dropped in the hazard.