Mulhausen (Millhow'zen; Fr. Mulhouse), a town of Alsace-Lorraine, on the 111 and the Rhone and Rhine Canal, 68 miles by rail SSW. of Strasburg and 20 NW. of Basel. It is a place of first-rate industrial importance. The cotton manufacture employs 16,000 workpeople in the town and 60,000 in the adjacent villages. Mulhausen has printing and dye works for cotton, linen, calico, wool, and silk fabrics, chemical factories, iron, machinery, and other metal works, &C Pop. (1821) 13,027; (1861) 45,887; (1900) 89,118. Mulhausen, a free imperial city in 1273, joined the Swiss Confederation in 1515; in 1798 it was incorporated with France, and came to the front as an industrial place after 1829; and it became German after the war of 1870-71, Mulheim (Mul'hime), a manufacturing town of Rhenish Prussia, on the Ruhr, 16 miles N. of Dusseldorf, with ironworks and a trade in coal. Top. with suburbs, 81,000. - Mulhelm-am-rhein, 3 miles above Cologne, manufactures silk, velvet, thread, leather, etc. Population over 47,000.