Laryngitis is inflammation of the top of the wind-pipe, where there is a very narrow passage for the air, and consequently where a slight extra contraction caused by swelling is necessarily fatal. When acute, it is very dangerous, and characterized by quick laborious breathing, accompanied with a snoring kind of noise. There is also a hoarse and evidently painful cough. The pulse is quick and sharp, attended with some fever. The treatment must be active, or it will be of no avail. Large bleedings, followed by a calomel purge (12), and the fever powder (50), will be necessary; but do time should be lost in calling in skilful aid, if the dog's life is valued.

Chronic laryngitis attacks the same part, comes on insidiously, and manifests itself chiefly in a hoarse cough and stridulous bark. It is best treated by a seton in the throat, together with low diet and the alterative pill (1).

Bronchocele is known by an enlargement, often to the size of the fist, of the thyroid body placed on each side of the wind pipe. If this does not press upon the air-passage, there is no inconvenience; but in course of time it generally does this, and the dog becomes wheezy and short-winded. It is chiefly seen in house pets, and may be relieved by the internal use of iodine (3), given for weeks in succession.