1. General Information On Essentials Of House-Planning

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Points on planning the various rooms (pp. 24-59).

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Plans and elevations (pp. 24-32).

2. Floor Plans And Designs

Architects' Small House Service Bureau, Inc. (Minneapolis, Minn.): Book of One Hundred Bungalows. Four portfolios: Colonial Homes; English Homes; Modern American Homes;

Spanish Homes. Help for the Man Who Wants To Build. How to Plan, Finance and Build Your Home.

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Excellent for plans and illustrations of exteriors.

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A book of plans designed by the Architects' Small House Service Bureau, Inc.

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Plans and designs of small houses most suitable for the southwestern section of the country.

Books and pamphlets of designs and plans are issued by the following: American Face Brick Association (130 N. Wells St., Chicago, Ill.). Common Brick Manufacturers Association of America (2121 Guarantee Title Bldg., Cleveland, Ohio). Hollow Building Tile Association, The (Conway Bldg., Chicago, Ill.). National Lumber Manufacturers' Association (Transportation Bldg., Washington, D.C.). Portland Cement Association (33 W. Grand Ave., Chicago, Ill). Southern Pine Association (Interstate Bank Bldg., New Orleans, La.). Structural Clay Tile Association, The (1400 Engineering Bldg., Chicago, Ill.).

(Many state colleges issue bulletins on kitchen-planning.)