These apartments, conveniently located, provide for 628 families at an average cost of $15 per room per month. Each apartment has bath, outside light, and air and faces a street or a garden court. The following paragraphs are from the Marshall Field Garden-Apartment Homes report:

The rooms are spacious, the average living room being 17 X 13, the dining rooms 12 X 15, the bed rooms 11 X 13, and the kitchens 8 X 10. The buildings are fireproof, with concrete base soundproof floors.

The kitchens have the very latest equipment, including cabinets, gas ranges, mechanical refrigeration, combination sinks and wash tubs, and dumb waiters for service deliveries. The modern basement laundry rooms are supplied with modern wash tubs,'gas stoves and dryers, and electrical connections for washing machines.

Every apartment has a full-size bathroom equipped with built-in tub, medicine chest and up-to-date fixtures, for which no rent is charged. Those apartments designated as 3 1/2 rooms and 4 1/2 rooms have half-size dining alcoves, instead of full dining rooms, and these are charged for in the rental scale at one-half the monthly rate of full rooms. The average monthly rent per room, based on a carefully prepared estimate of operating expenses and a 5 per cent return on the actual cost of the development, is $15.00. Apartments vary in desirability, however, so that the actual range of rents will run from $13.00 to $16.50 per room per month. It will be possible, therefore, to obtain 3 1/2-room apartments at $55.00 per month; 4-room apartments from $52.00 to $66.00; 4 1/2-room apartments at $72.00; 5-room apartments from $70.00 to $82.50; and 6-room apartments from $84.00 to $97.50.