Make all window frames in accordance with the scale and detail drawings, and as herein specified of clear well seasoned white pine, and set in position as soon as the stone sills are set. The carpenter is to verify the measurements, to see that the sills are set in their proper position and if any sills are set wrong, he is to see that they are changed before setting the frames. All frames to be set plumb, kept well braced during the construction of the wall, and to be braced by cross pieces and diagonals to keep the frames square and the sides from springing.

The cellar windows to have 2x12-inch pine plank frames; free from sap or large knots, rebated for sash on the inside and for 1 -inch screens on the outside; 1 -inch staff bead, the head to be kept 7/8-inch below the furring strips (floor joists) and a 7/8-inch ground nailed on top.

The sill to have a pitch of 1 inch, and to be formed as per full-size section. [See Fig. 92.]

The frames in rear and sides of building to be rebated on the outer edge for 1 1/8-inch screens and to have {-inch round bars let into the head sill from 3 to 4 inches on centres. The front frames to have ornamental iron grilles as per scale and detail drawings (furnished by the carpenter), screwed to the inside of frame, and strips nailed to the frame inside for the screens.

Furnish and fix with round headed blued screws, I 1/8-inch screens for all cellar windows, covered with heavy galvanised wire netting on the outside and No. 14 mesh painted wire cloth on the inside.

All cellar windows to have 1 -inch pine sash, made in the best manner, divided into lights as shown, glazed with first quality single strength glass, hinged at the top with japanned butts, and provided with hooks and eyes for holding open, and strong japanned button fastenings.

Cold Air Opening. - Make plank frame for cold air opening with 1 -inch staff bead and cover with heavy galvanized netting nailed to the outside of frame.

Dormer Frames. - The jamb, head and sill of dormer window to be stuck from 2x10-inch pine planks, moulded, ploughed and rebated as per full-size section [Fig. 111]; transom and mullion from a 3}xl0-inch plank. The lower openings to be filled with a single sash hinged at the sides and the transom sash to be hinged at the bottom

The back of jambs and top of head to be flashed with strips of zinc 3 inches wide, bent at right angles.

Bay Window. - The bay window frames to be worked out of 1 3/8-inch pine plank, ploughed for parting strips and blind stop, and to have 1 1/8-inch outside casings (which will be covered with copper). Sills 1 inches thick, stuck as per detail. The sash in these frames will be double-hung with (Pullman) sash balances.