There are many varieties of bath tubs in use at the present time, ranging from the wooden box lined with zinc or copper which was in common use a number of years ago and is still to be found in the old houses, to the finest crockery and enameled tubs which are now used in the best modern plumbing. In selecting a tub we should choose one with as little woodwork about it as possible. Those lined with zinc or copper are hard to keep clean and are liable to leak and are, therefore, undesirable from a sanitary standpoint. The plain cast iron tub, painted, is the next in cost. This makes a serviceable and satisfactory tub if kept painted; it is used quite extensively in asylums, hospitals, etc. One of this type is shown in Fig. 1. These are sometimes galvanized instead of being painted.

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Fig. 1.

The "steel-clad" tub shown in Fig. 2 is a good form for a low-priced article. This tub is formed of sheet steel and has a lining of copper. This form is light and easy to handle; it is an open fixture the same as the cast iron tub and requires no casing. It is provided with cast iron legs and a wooden cap. Probably the most common form to be found in the average house at the present time is the porcelain lined iron tub as shown in Fig. 3.

This has a smooth interior finish and is easily kept clean. It will not, however, stand the hard usage of those above described as the lining is likely to crack if struck by any hard substance.

In Fig. 4 is shown a crockery or porcelain tub arranged for needle and shower baths. This is a most sanitary article in every respect and requires no woodwork of any kind; being made of one piece, there is no chance for dirt to collect. It is a heavy tub and requires great care in handling. This material is very cold to the touch until it has become thoroughly warmed by the hot water. Fig. 5 shows a seat bath and Fig. 6 a foot bath, both of which are very convenient and should be placed in all well equipped bath rooms if the expense does not prohibit their use.

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Fig. 2.

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Fig. 3.