1. What is the difference between raw and boiled oil? When is one preferable to the other?

2. What would you consider a good brush outfit for painting and varnishing the interior woodwork and exterior finish of a modern frame dwelling?

3. How would you make your own putty if you could not buy a satisfactory grade?

4. Describe the principal ingredients used as pigments. As vehicles.

5. What are thinners? Dryers? Fillers?

6. How are painters' brushes kept in good condition?

7. How are paints adulterated?

8. Describe the process of mixing the successive coats of paint for ordinary interior (not floor) and exterior woodwork.

9. Describe the process of preparing the woodwork and applying the successive coats of paint in ordinary interior (not floor) and exterior work.

10. What points require particular attention in the repainting of an old job?

11. Describe the process of painting a plastered wall.

12. Describe the material and methods of work in roof painting.

13. What is enamel paint? How would you do a job of enameling the woodwork, say, in a bathroom?

14. Describe in detail the process of painting structural metal.

15. How are varnishes classified?

16. Describe the method of preparing and applying shellac varnish.