The rules previously given will apply to this trade. Under the cubes the several headings will be "Fir in plates and lintels," "Fir in ground joists and sleepers," "Fir framed in floors," "Fir framed in roofs," "Fir framed in roof-trusses," "Fir framed in partitions," "Fir framed in trussed partitions," etc. If each item has been cubed on the Dimension sheets, only two columns will be required under each of the foregoing headings on the Abstract, one of addition and one of deductions; if, on the other hand, the items are to be abstracted per foot run, and cubed on the Abstract, as suggested in the Chapter on "Taking-off," several colums will be required under each heading, and each scantling will have its own column of deductions. The wording of the heading will, however, show at once that the items are to be billed per foot cube. For example (see Fig. 40).

After the cube fir, abstract the Centering and turning-pieces under the heading of "Centering," in the regular order of Supers, Runs, and Numbers. Follow this with cradling and bracketing, and then the general Supers, Runs, and Numbers, and finish with any items of fixing only ironwork, where the fixing is not included in the description of the item in the Smith's Bill.