85. 1. If the Terra Cotta is to be set by the Terra Cotta manufacturer, a clause similar in purport to the following should be included in the general requirements relating to masonry or brick work:

86. "Terra Cotta will be furnished and set by the Terra Cotta manufacturer. Hoisting service, storage space, selling mortar delivered on the scaffold, outside and inside scaffolds, runways and platforms, water, temporary light and removal of refuse shall be furnished to the Terra Cotta manufacturer, free of charge, by the (mason contractor)." A provision should also be included to the effect that the (mason contractor) shall construct the brick (concrete) backing for the Terra Cotta and "The backing shall proceed simultaneously with the setting of Terra Cotta. Each piece of Terra Cotta shall be backed up solid with brick and mortal, so as to make a perfect bond and homogeneous mass between wall lines. This backing shall extend beyond the wall line when necessary to structural stability. If concrete is used it shall not be stronger than a 1 to 9 mixture."

Also a provision under which the (mason) contractor shall place all concrete or cement grading for gutters, washes and balcony, loggia or other floors.

87. In the case of parapet walls specifications should state that flashing if used shall be carried through the wall, or if flashing be not used the back of the parapet wall shall be damp-proofed and the water-proofing carried through the wall.

88. 2. In the specifications for sheet metal work there should be included a clause similar in purport to the following:

"The washes on all cornices and other exposed surfaces, where shown or specified, shall be covered with ( ) which shall be turned up against vertical surfaces (cap flashed) and cemented into the raggles provided for the purpose in the Terra Cotta."

89. 3. Structural Supports.

Under "Structural Steel," a clause similar in purport to the following should be included: "Beams, channels, angles, T's, plates and fabricated members for supporting Terra Gotta, and which are secured to the structural steel with short bolts or rivets, shall be furnished and erected by the contractor for (structural steel)."

90. Under "Structural Concrete" a clause similar in purport to the following should be included: "Steel beams, channels, angles, T's, plates, fabricated brackets and outlookers and other members, bolts, rods, wires, anchors, and sleeves for supporting Terra Cotta, which are imbedded in the structural concrete, also shelf angles and continuous rods attached to structural concrete shall be furnished and set by the contractor for structural concrete, in strict accordance with setting drawings prepared by the Terra Cotta manufacturer." (For information as to the sizes and character of bolts, rods, anchors, etc., see section V, paragraphs 24 to 35 inclusive on "Supporting Metal Work and Anchors" of Standard Specification for the Manufacture, Furnishing and Setting of Terra Cotta. Such supports should he clearly shown on the drawings.)

91. 1. Under "Rough Carpentry" or other suitable division of work, there should be included a clause providing that the contractor shall furnish, set and maintain all centering, cover boards, boxing and protection for Terra Cotta, and remove the same upon completion of the work.