The inspection continued for two or three hours and the chartered cars began to bring the visitors back to the city at ± o'clock. For an hour the cars ran on short schedule until all had been brought back to the center of the city. Most of the delegates had started out at 9 o'clock to the Bausch & Lomb factory, transferring to the Kodak plant at noon by chartered cars without intermission and had continued at the park all the afternoon. It is safe to say that between the hours of 9 o'clock in the morning and 5 o'clock in the afternoon, they learned more about the magnitude of the photographic industry of Rochester than they had conceived could possibly have existed in a single city in the world. They were all willing to admit Rochester's claim to the title of the photographic center of the universe when they got through with the dual inspection yesterday. - Rochester Herald, July 22, 1909.

A RESUME S-U-C-C-E-S-S, best tells the story of the Rochester Convention. In point of members, of practical good accomplished, instruction, entertainment, and above all, in the spirit of harmony and good fellowship the twenty-ninth annual convention will go down to history as the most successful convention of them all.

From the week's program outlined, there was every reason to look for an unusual convention; from the fact that the convention was to be held in the photographic center of the world, a large attendance was assured, and due to the fact that every part of the program was carried out with enthusiasm and to the minute, the Rochester convention will live long in the memory of those in attendance.

Thirteen hundred and sixty-five men registered, and more than four hundred ladies, which made it by far the largest number ever in attendance at a P. A. of A. convention. In Detroit last year seven hundred and seventy-five were in attendance, so undoubtedly this convention has touched high water mark for some time to come.

The School idea so successfully introduced at the Detroit Convention, was splendidly carried out under the able leadership of Ryland W. Phillips of Philadelphia, with the co-operation of such past masters as A. F. Bradley, F. Milton Somers, Gertrude Kasebier, E. B. Core, Frank Scott Clark and W. H. Towles.

A splendid operating light was constructed in the school room at Convention Hall and every session crowded the capacity of the large room, in fact, at some sessions many men were unable to secure seats and remained standing throughout the demonstration, so eager were they not to miss any part of the instruction.

And the complimentary picture display - just glance over the following list of exhibitors and it will be easy to see why the splendidly arranged and lighted galleries were crowded almost every moment Convention Hall was open:

Father Rochester slicked up for the occasion  From Rochester Herald.

Father Rochester slicked up for the occasion- From Rochester Herald.

How the Convention looked to the Rochester Herald artist.

How the Convention looked to the Rochester Herald artist.