Mr. Barrows also spoke regarding the plans and aims of the Congress of Photography, and the advantages of forming a federation of local photographers societies; he also stated the necessity for a revision of the constitution of the P. A. of A.

The report was ordered spread on the minutes, and a vote of thanks was tendered him as President.

The appointment of committees followed. President Barrows named these committees:


W. H. Ran, Philadelphia: W. H. Koehne, Chicago; George J. Parrott, Fort Wayne, Ind.; W. F. Oliver, Baldwinsville, Mass.


C. W. Hearn, Boston; H. B. Medlar, Woodstock, 111.; E. E. Seavey, Newcastle, Pa.


C. W. Hearn, Boston; G. W. Harris, Washington, D. C; J. W. Appleton, Dayton, O.

After the adjournment of the morning session the members proceeded to Convention Hall to attend a demonstration at the School of Photography by F. Milton Somers of Cincinnati, Ohio. The room set aside for the school was crowded to the doors, many of the photographers standing through the entire session, as the demonstration was of absorbing interest.

In the afternoon the visiting ladies were tendered an outing on Irondequoit Bay by the Rochester Section of the N. Y. State Association. A most enjoyable time was had, all returning in ample time for the evening session.

At 3 p. m. the second session of the Congress of Photography was held, the plans and action to be reported to the P. A. of A., at the evening session.

At 8 p. m. the second session of the Convention was held at Assembly Hall, President Barrows presiding. This session was devoted to the report of the Congress of Photograph}-, which will be taken up later in this article, and to a discussion of the Constitution and By-Laws of Association; the Constitution, as amended, will be found in full in the report of Friday's session.

Wednesday was set apart as "Manufacturers and Dealer's Day," no regular sessions of the Convention being held. This day was devoted to visiting the various photographic factories, including Kodak Park, as detailed in the reprint from the Rochester Herald in other columns.

In the evening the photographers were entertained by illustrated lectures by Ryland W. Phillips of Pittsburg and Gertrude Kasebier of New York.

The next regular session of the Convention was called to order a little after 9a.m. Thursday, July 22, in Assembly Hall, President Barrows presiding. The order of business was as follows:

Secretary's Report.

Treasurer's Report.

Report of Committees.

Appointment of Committee on Location.

Appointment of Committee on Election.


The report of the Secretary, George W. Harris, showed all affairs in his department to be in a highly satisfactory condition.

Treasurer Dozer was applauded when he took the platform to give his report. He complimented the association and Mr. Barrows on the neatness of the books and the business like manner in which the office had been conducted. Mr. Barrows was formerly treasurer of the organization.

Mr. Dozer said that the funds are now divided in two banks to prevent severe loss in case of a bank failure. The treasurer's report was as follows:

Cash on hand Jan. 1, 1908 ...


Received from Secretary


Membership and dues .


Ladies' pins




Disbursements. .


Cash on hand


The following committee on location for the next convention was appointed as follows: George B. Sperry, Toledo; Charles Townsend, Des Moines, Iowa; J. H. C. Evanhoff, Boston; F. S. Noble, Rochester; Schuyler Colfax, Columbus.

The committee on elections was named as follows: Ryland W. Phillips, Philadelphia; George M. Edmondson, Cleveland, O.; Charles W. Hearn, Boston, Mass.; C. J. Vanderventer, Indianapolis, Ind.; Charles Smith, Evanston, 111.

After the appointment of these committees and the reading of routine communications, the meeting was adjourned until 2 p. m ., at which time a special meeting was called to further consider the revision of the Constitution and By-Laws.

The Friday morning session was called to order at 9 A. M. in Assembly Hall, President Barrows presiding. This was an important session as it included the election of officers, selection of the next place of meeting, the appointment of committees, and the presentation of a Life Membership Certificate to Past President Frank W. Medlar. At the opening of the session Secretary Harris read a letter from Elias Goldensky regretting his inability to attend on account of a death in his family. On a motion a letter expressing the sympathy of the association was ordered sent him

William H. Rau of Philadelphia followed with a most interesting paper on "The Progress of Photography," which we very much regret being unable to reprint, owing to lack of space. Beautifully engraved certificates of appreciation for work done in the instruction classes at last year's convention were presented to Elias Goldensky and Ryland Phillips of Philadelphia; John H. Garo, Boston; Dudley Hoyt, New York; W. S. Lively, Mc-Minnville, Tenn., and M. B. Parkinson, of Boston.

Charles Wesley Hearn reported for the committee on the Academy. He stated that the plans for the development of the Academy were being held in abeyance, pending the outcome of the federation between the National and State bodies.

The presentation of the Life Membership Certificate to Frank W. Medlar of Spencer, Iowa, was made by Charles W. Hearn of Boston. Mr. Medlar's appearance on the platform was the signal for enthusiastic applause. Mr. Hearn spoke of the loyal service given to the association by Mr. Medlar as president in 1907 and as secretary in 1905. Mr. Hearn said that Mr. Medlar had never hesitated in sacrificing personal interests for the good of the association.

Mr. Medlar accepted the honor in a few well chosen words of appreciation.

The report of the committee on constitution and by-laws was called for, but was put over until the special meeting. The report of the committee on resolutions was put over until the final session.