We have had a lot to say about tested chemicals - pure chemicals - in these columns and in our advertising pages. The subject is an important one and demands earnest consideration by you and by us. Our efforts to produce and market a line of tested chemicals, absolutely right for photographic use, arose not so much from our desire to increase our business in chemicals and chemical preparations, as to further increase the surety that our manufactured products with which these chemicals were to be used, Mould have the best possible treatment, in order to yield the best possible results. We could afford to spend a lot of money in investigation and tests more than any manufacturer of chemicals or chemical preparations, for our interest, unlike his, does not cease with the sale of the chemicals - we must see not only that our chemicals are right, but that they are exactly suited to our other products. We do want to increase the sale of our tested chemicals - and it is obvious that our interest is much greater than the securing of the profits arising from their sale alone.

From An Aristo Platino Print By Bauer & Coffey Kansas City, Mo.

From An Aristo Platino Print By Bauer & Coffey Kansas City, Mo.

The only way we can hold your friendship and patronage is by affording you the means for producing uniformly good results the easiest and simplest way. We dare not leave any loophole for failure. We must make every product just the best Ave know how and we must go further and take more pains than anyone else in giving you the right chemicals to work our products with. You in your turn are just as anxious to secure good results as we are to have you.

We have adopted this trade mark and have afforded it a prominent place on the packages of our preparations as a signal - easy to find and safe to follow - a signal for our mutual benefit.

The Signal StudioLightMagazine1909 17

A Help At Cost

We want to make Studio Light an all around helper for the profession. There has been a lot of work, and some of it good work, done for the photographers by the photographic magazines in the way of giving sound advice on advertising subjects. But the photographer has been handicapped in the obtaining of good illustrations for use in his newspaper advertising. Line cuts are the only kind that will work with advantage, and to have drawings made and then have zinc etchings made from the drawings is obviously too expensive for the average photographer.

Our plan is to furnish cuts at a price you can afford to pay. We expect to lose something on the scheme, but if we can help you increase your business we shall hope to do enough more business with you to come out all right in the long run.

We can buy electrotypes cheaply, and shall sell them at a very slight advance, to partly pay us for the cost of drawings and etchings. An average drawing for this purpose will cost us, say, 815.00, and the zinc etching a dollar or so more If we charge you five cents each over the actual cost of electrotypes and postage, we would have to sell over three hundred from each drawing to break even - to say nothing of our packing and clerical work. Just what we shall charge will depend somewhat on how many we find you ordering per month. At any rate, the charge to you will be merely nominal, but will vary somewhat from time to time with the size of the electros and the cost of the drawings. This month's electro as shown on page 21, will be furnished for 50 cents, postpaid. Please order by number and remit in stamps.

The text matter, as shown in our sample advertisement, is a suggestion - the electros do not contain any printed matter, but are properly mortised to receive same.