In most instances the people who spend money for the higher classes of portrait work have their picture taken frequently and naturally become more or less familiar with styles and photographic possibilities. They may not, probably do not, know the various papers by name, but they do have a preference for this, that or the other photographic effect. They come to you primarily because they recognize your ability as an artist - your ability to produce portraits above the average - but from the fact that they have their portraits taken frequently wish something different, both in style and finish, and when you show them something new and when that something new shows quality all the way through, a most satisfactory order is sure to be booked.

A goodly number of this higher class of patrons have always had a leaning towards platinum - its soft, velvety effects and delicate gradations appealing to their sense of the artistic.

You have been able with An-gelo to show them sepias that were everything that could be desired, but have been somewhat handicapped when it came to delicate black and white effects in platinum because the ordinary black and white platinum is too cold in tone to be pleasing. Texture and gradation were there, but that subtle suggestion of warmth, the flesh value tone if you will, was lacking.

Now you can show them black and white platinums that will instantly appeal, as the new Eastman Etching Black Platinum has that slight warmth of tone. And the new Etching Black is so flexible, for dark backgrounds, for vignettes or line effects - to all it lends itself perfectly to your artistic inclination, and as it is supplied in both smooth and rough you can run the whole gamut of artistic interpretation with the assurance that Etching Black will afford just the right effect.

Etching Black is exceedingly simple to manipulate, with great latitude in both printing and development, and is cold developed. The annual harvest time is at hand, show the extra price patrons some of your best work on Etching Black, and an extra crop is yours.

Photographers Association Of Western Canada

The Eastman School of Professional Photography, recently held under the auspices of Duffin & Co.,Ltd., Winnipeg, attracted a large number of photographers from that section of the country, and during the week of the school a meeting of the visiting photographers was held to form the Photographers Association of Western Canada.

There were present at the meeting Paul Denison, Indian Head; Frank Gowen and S. Davidson, Brandon; G. B. Warburton, Wilkie, Sask.; Douglas H. Gibson, Brandon; G. H. Llewellyn, R. F. A. McFadden, A. A. Gentzel, W. W. Robson, A. L. Lee, of Winnipeg; Harold H. Tilley, Minnedosa; A. Silver, Dryden; Albert Smith, Shoal Lake; N. J. Osborne, Boissevain; J. L. Edlunds, Claresholm; C. M. Burk, Edmonton; P. W. Rowe, Yorkton; G. W. Sparling, Portage la Prairie; James Paynter, Car-berry; E. Smith, Glenboro; W. K. Ranton, Treherne; C. Jessup, Gladstone; F. Steele, Winnipeg; Wm, Minns, Gladstone; A. J. Lawrence, Birtle; A. Schmidt, Winnipeg; Fred Ransdale, Moosomin; G. S. Jenkins, Deloraine; H. L. Jones, Elbow; J. W.Gibson, Winnipeg;A. J. Rawson, Dauphin; G. E. Durrant, Hartney; W. Jackson, Winnipeg; S. E. Prest; Morden; Frank W. Weekes; Vir-den; H. J. Strong, Winnipeg; J. G. Banks, Kenora; J. L. Hamilton, Weyburn.

The following officers were elected: President, W. W. Robson, Winnipeg; vice presidents, J. G. Banks, Kenora; C. M. Burk, Edmonton; S. E. Prest, Morden; Fred Ransdale, Moosomin; secretary-treasurer, A. L. Lee, Winnipeg; executive, A. E. Gentzel, Winnipeg; G. W. Sparling, Portage la Prairie; P. M. Rowe, Saskatoon; Frank Gowen, Brandon, and R. T. McFadden, Winnipeg; auditors, W. K. Ranton, Treherne, and G. S. Jenkins, Deloraine.


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Holiday Season.

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