From year to year the quality of photographic work is improving. Better prices prevail to-day than ever before, just because the better quality is salable at the better price.

Who or what is responsible for the general improvement ? It is largely due to the artist photographers who give us our ideals and whose efforts are such excellent examples of what can be done in photographic portraiture. The work of the photographic artist stimulates the entire craft and marks the goal to be reached by all ambitious photographers.

Conventions of the various associations, where the work of the members is exhibited and an interchange of ideas and methods takes place, is also another important factor in the march of progress and this is where we, as manufacturers, step in and contribute our share by displaying pictures representing the work of the better photographers from all over the country. Wherever possible we also show by demonstrating at conventions the processes in general use and the new ones giving promise of being useful to the fraternity. New processes - new tones - new surfaces. Everything new and good.

In addition to this participation in convention progress we also endeavor to educate all photographers along technical and artistic lines by bringing the Eastman Professional School within reaching distance of every studio. The school in its annual tour of the country covers territory from coast to coast. The school carries with it finished samples of the best photographic work that can be obtained and expert instructors demonstrate and explain in detail all modern photographic processes.

This constant progress has improved conditions generally and the public by being educated to appreciate good work demands it and is willing to pay the price.

Grasp your opportunity to stay abreast of the times by attending the school when it is in your vicinity. Take your studio difficulties to the instructors, who will be glad to assist you. Bring your assistants with you, or if you yourself can't come send them as representatives of your studio. There is no charge for this three day course at the Eastman school. Come when you please and stay as long as you like.

Every minute is devoted to professional instruction and a general betterment of studio conditions. No two days are the same, and to get the full course you should attend the three day session.

Let us help you get better prices by assisting you to better your work. For partial list of datings see page 23.

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It will not require much space to tell why Artura Iris made good - why it is in a class by itself - quality did it.

Iris with one grade of contrast will produce excellent prints from the average run of studio portrait negatives. No necessity for carrying a confusing stock of paper of different contrasts on your shelves.Latitude. Iris has it the same as all brands of Artura, and latitude is economy.

Then the crowning feature is the uniform quality of Iris. One box just like the last box and the box to come, thus giving the photographer a definite base for calculation.Combine these three features and you have the key to the success of Iris and the reason for the success of Artura photographers.

The first feature - elastic printing quality - means simplicity and a good rich brilliant print from every negative of average quality.

The second feature - latitude of exposure - means a good print even though the length of exposure hasn't been judged to a nicety, and also means one hundred and forty-four prints to the gross of paper if ordinary care in printing is used.

The third feature - uniformity - means that each day's printing will run smoothly, as the paper is thoroughly dependable and needs no delicate adjustment of conditions and no preliminary experimenting.

To these features add the convenience of the Artura system of printing and you have the grand total. When you know these things it isn't hard to understand Artura's popularity and why Artura succeeded.