In the making of photographs many different chemicals are employed and some photographers are very susceptible to chemical poisoning, being affected more or less by any chemical inclined to be a skin irritant. Others seem to be affected only by some particular chemical, and then there are many who are fortunate enough to be immune from the effect of all chemicals.

Sometimes the skin is irritated by carbonate of soda and mistaken for chemical poisoning. Nearly all developers contain carbonate of soda, which is a strong alkali having a tendency to remove the oil from the skin, making it brittle and consequently easily cracked. This trouble is most apt to appear in the form of cracked knuckles and when the skin is once cracked open it is hard to heal, as nearly all chemicals are more or less irritating under such conditions.

Chemical poisoning generally appears in the shape of small water blisters, usually where the skin is tender, as between the fingers near their base. These small raised transparent spots very frequently itch and rubbing increases the irritation and breaks the skin.

Now for the cure; which is vouched for by several of our demonstrators who have recommended it to photographers,printers and dark room men, noting the result.

Of course we all know that chemical poisoning will disappear if the use of the irritating chemical is discontinued, but in many cases it has been next to impossible for the photographer affected to stop its use, as this would mean quitting certain parts of picture making entirely.

To cure without interrupting the work in any way use "Cuti-cura" ointment, say several of our demonstrators. Rub into the hands well and then immerse the hands in regular acid fixing bath, such as is used for Artura, Nepera, etc. The hardener in the fixing bath will set the ointment immediately and the hands may then be rinsed well with clear water and wiped.

The ointment is now in the pores of the skin and will repel all chemical solutions, thus protecting the skin from irritation.

After the hands are treated in this way proceed as usual developing plates and prints or toning prints as the case may be, and in a day or two a decided improvement will be noted.

We have heard of other successful remedies such as lemon juice or a combination of lanolin and calorie, but none seem to be so universally successful as the ointment mentioned in this article.

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Many of the State Associations in territory reasonably near Wisconsin have signified their intention to co-operate with the P. A. of A. by postponing their state meetings until 1911, to avoid conflicting with the Convention of the National Association. This action is commendable and can be regarded as a reliable indication of a large attendance and a successful meeting at Milwaukee.

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