Many photographers fall short of the success that is really due them, because they lack ability as salesmen. They are first-class photographers, but do not know the first principles of good salesmanship. This is more often true of the photographer in the smaller towns, though many city photographers have the idea they can handle their customers better than anyone else.

The fact of the matter is, the customers handle them and they, like all of us, like the little flattery that should be used in the other direction to draw the dollars out of the customers' pockets. I have actually seen a good receptionist lose a forty dollar order because the customer insisted on seeing the photographer and the photographer yielded to the little flattery of a smooth tongue that had no effect on the clever receptionist. If you have a good receptionist, back her up - give her a free hand never take a customer away from her, and if there is any occasion for making special prices to anyone, don't make them yourself - let her make them. If you can't have this much confidence in your saleswoman, better let her go and get one you do have confidence in.

Put yourself in her place. Suppose you have made a careful study of human nature and feel that you know just how to handle the customer you are dealing with. You have played your game well; you have the bases filled, as it were, and have your best argument up to bat. You know from experience just about what you can expect. That argument is a pinch hitter and you ought to get two scores at least, but - along comes the boss and decides to do a little batting himself. He isn't on to the customer's curves and you lose the game. Now, honestly; how would you feel? It's your loss to be sure, but it's discouraging to a good saleswoman.

Salesmanship is an important factor in every business, but it is a thing apart from the business itself. A good salesman may sell drugs, clothing, books, photographs, or almost any commodity, but it doesn't stand to reason that he must be a prescription-ist, tailor, author or photographer to sell the goods. On the other hand, a man who is proficient in any of the above lines is usually not a good salesman. Stick to the work you are most fitted to and let someone else do the selling, or, if you can not do that, learn to be a salesman as you have learned your business as a photographer. When you are making a sale in your reception room, forget that you are selling your own work. You are playing a double role and must be another person as the salesman. You are working for the photographer and you must forget that you are the photographer. If the customer has flattery to offer, remember it is not for you as a salesman but for your other self. Don't let it affect your price; don't let it induce you to add a couple of extra prints to the order and kill a duplicate order: don't let it make you lose sight of the fact that you are only working for the photographer.

From An Etching Black Platinum Print By W. C. Noetzel Newton Center. Mass.

From An Etching Black Platinum Print By W. C. Noetzel Newton Center. Mass.

If you are going to be a salesman, study a good salesman's methods. Be observing when you buy and you will soon be able to sell better. You can get good points from a poor salesman as well as a good one - points on how not to sell goods.

I had hunted the town over for a certain make of goods and finally saw them advertised in a shop window. I asked for the goods and the clerk brought out two articles. He passed one over the counter to me, with the remark, "We prefer to sell this article." but he didn't get any further. I was mad in a minute. 1 had specifically asked for an article and had something else handed me, and, of course, I wouldn't buy it. Now. if that young man had been a salesman, he would have given me what I asked for and when I was satisfied at having found what I wanted, he would have said: "We carry several lines and 1 would be pleased to show them all to you." and, of course, I couldn't have objected. Then, without making it appear that I was a poor judge of merchandise, he would have shown more good points to the article he was anxious to sell and let me decide for myself what I wanted to buy. People can't be driven in buying. You must lead them.

Each customer requires different handling and you can have no fixed rule except to fix your estimate of that customer high enough without going too high. Many a man has paid twenty dollars a dozen for pictures, when he only intends to pay fifteen, just because a clever saleswoman sized him up as a twenty dollar man and he didn't like to drop below her estimate of him.

Just one instance of what a good saleswoman can do, and we will leave it for you to decide what it takes to sell goods. An old lady came into the studio, who had not had a picture made for years. She was very well-todo, and the receptionist merely knew her by sight. After a pleasant "Good morning," the lady stated that she wanted some small pictures, not over ten dollars a dozen, and was shown the exact thing she wanted and seemed quite satisfied. She was told it would be a few minutes before Mr. ---------- could make her sitting, and was asked if she would not like to see some of their other pictures while she was waiting. There was no objection, so the receptionist began showing her the best work in the studio, being careful to point out people of the lady's acquaintance, and casually mentioning the prices of the various grades of work up to fifty or sixty dollars a dozen, but never a word to change the lady's original order. Only enthusiasm and pride in the beautiful pictures.

From An Etching Black Platinum Print By W. C. Noetzel Newton Center, Mass.

From An Etching Black Platinum Print By W. C. Noetzel Newton Center, Mass.

After numerous pictures of the lady's friends had been shown her, she went back over the pictures and finally said "I'll take a dozen of this twenty-five dollar style." "Oh, but I thought you had decided on this ten dollar style, Mrs.----------." "No, I don't think I like those very well. You may change my order to this style."

Now, that's what I call clever salesmanship. It's tact in selling, in knowing how to sell the particular individual.

August. Artura Iris E Smooth

There has been a large demand for Artura Iris E with a still smoother surface than we have been supplying. To fill this demand, we will in the future supply E Smooth in a perfectly smooth matte surface similar to Iris C, but, of course, the stock will be buff.

This change will make the difference between E Smooth and E Rough, a greater difference than before, and the E Smooth will be found just the proper surface for very small heads, the grain of a rougher paper being objectionable.

Eastman Double Coated Mounting Tape

Eastman Double Coated Mounting Tape consists of a strip of tough thin paper, one-half inch wide, coated on both sides with a powerful adhesive. It is supplied in 100 ft. rolls in a neat carton provided with a rule, so that the exact length needed may be measured and torn off.

Moisten one side of the tape and attach to the top of back of print. Moisten the other side and attach to the mount or folder, placing same under pressure for a few minutes.

Eastman Double Coated Mounting Tape, per roll of 100 feet, ten cents.

From An Etching Black Platinum Print By W. C. Noetzel.

From An Etching Black Platinum Print By W. C. Noetzel.

Newton Center, Mass.

August The Only Condition StudioLightMagazine1912 153

The vacation is ended; the jolly friends are separated, but - you can can keep them with you and be with them in pictures.

Probably you owe it to them, and modern photography makes the obligation an easy one to meet.

August. Bulletin: The Eastman School Of Professional Photography For 1912

Des Moines, Iowa.........August 27, 28, 29

Milwaukee, Wis..........September 3, 4, 5

Fort Wayne, Ind.........September 10, 11, 12

Cincinnati, O..........September 17, 18, 19

Pittsburg, Pa..........September 24, 25, 26

Buffalo, N. Y........... October 1, 2, 3

From A Zelta Print By Elias Goldensky Philadelphia, Pa.

From A Zelta Print By Elias Goldensky Philadelphia, Pa.