A professional was heard to say to one of our representatives, No, I don't think I will attend the Eastman School when it comes this year, as the program is the same as when I attended last year."

Now, it may be true that the printed program of the School is similar to that of previous years, but the School is not. Such an idea is far from correct, for the lectures and demonstrations are different - they are up to the minute.

When a subject such as lighting and posing is given on a program, there is no way of telling all the new things that are embodied in the demonstration and talk on the subject. Our school force is always on the lookout for new ideas, better methods, in fact for anything that will aid the profession in producing better results. Its members are constantly coming into contact with new people - people with new ideas, who do things, and every new idea or feature that can be introduced into their talks or demonstrations is eagerly seized upon and made use of.

There has been much discussion in the conventions of the past year, regarding the importance of good practical talks on the business organization and cost system of the average studio and the advantages to be derived from advertising. It has been interesting to note that the consensus of opinion in almost every instance, has been that there should be more practical and helpful business talks. The average photographer wants to be a better business man - wants to know how to stop the leaks and increase his profit, to know how much money he is making or losing and how best to advertise.

The helpful magazine advertising, "There's a photographer in your town," has increased the business of professional photographers all over the country and has demonstrated the advantage and importance of good local advertising.

We are following up these demands. The business lectures which have been added to the School are full of the meat which makes good business system, and only good business system can make good business men. These lectures on Business Organization, Advertising and Salesmanship will be of particular interest to every photographer who wishes to be a good business man as well as a good photographer.

From An Etching Black Platinum Print By The Misses Selby New York, N. Y.

From An Etching Black Platinum Print By The Misses Selby New York, N. Y.

Of the new things in demonstrations, the greatest interest will probably be shown in the complete demonstration of the new ready-sensitized, matte albumen Zelta paper. With this new printing-out paper, any tone from a Red Chalk to an Engraving Black may be produced in a single toning bath. It is a paper for high grade work, the extreme range of tone allowing for the expression of individuality as in no other ready-sensitized paper.

There are many new things in the talks and demonstrations of work under the light, printing room methods, commercial photography, sepia methods with the various papers, etc., the program being merely the framework on which the new 1913 School has been built.

And in the factories, there is no standing still, our experts are constantly devising newer, better and more economical methods for producing results, and those in charge of the School are kept posted.

There has never been a season in the history of the Eastman School of Professional Photography but that the actual program has been a great improvement over the preceding term and enough new ideas presented to make it well worth the while of the man to attend who was present the year before. The 1913 School is not an exception - it is a new School.

Make a special effort to attend when it comes into your territory close your studio and let your customers know you are keeping abreast of the times by seeking the newest things in photographic methods.