Now that the holiday season is over and we've all made more money than we expected to, it is the time to turn our thoughts to the help of others. That is what Papa Cramer always did as soon as he was through with a hard job - as soon as he had made a bit more money than usual, his heart expanded and he hunted around for someone that he could make happy. How much more fortunate are we, who have no necessity for hunting around!

The Cramer Memorial Committee, headed by such men as Phillips, Core, Harris, Noble, Clark, Strauss, Stein, Steckel, Walinger, Knaffl, Hammer, Top-lift", Rinehart and Mac Donald, - men who, every one of them hard workers, are spending their time and giving their money to make the Memorial not alone a fitting tribute to the dear old man, but to show the world that photographers are first of all men who are sympathetic, strong and generous, as of course you are.

The signing of the pledge for an unknown sum is in a characteristically American spirit. The sporting instinct in the real American is so strong that the idea was taken up immediately and enthusiastically by dozens of men whom one would have been inclined to set down as conservative. If your business on May 20th amounts to only six dollars, you have only to be glad that you are able to contribute six dollars, and if it amounts to sixty or six hundred, there is all the more reason for being thankful that you have been given the opportunity of being really generous.

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By Herman Heyn Omaha, Neb.

As the money will be sent to "Pop" Core, he being the Treasurer, and as it has been agreed that the amounts sent in will not be published, the only embaras-sing feature will be eliminated. So fill in the adjoining pledge and send it to the Treasurer to-day.

I hereby agree to send at the close of business on May 20th ,1915, a check for a sum equal to the orders received in my establishment during that day, as my contribution to the Gustav Cramer Memorial Fund.



NON-HALATION The subject of the illustration on page 15 is far from beautiful, but to the person for whom the picture was made it probably has a deeper meaning - dollars and cents, for instance, as the sale of any piece of machinery that must be shown in photographs often depends upon the quality of the picture.

And to the man who makes pictures of the sort shown above, our illustration means equally as much, for every failure hurts his reputation, while every good result, especially where conditions are most trying, gives him the feeling of having accomplished something and improves his standing with business men who are his customers.

The model for the device shown in the illustration was built against a large southern skylight. Failure stared the photographer in the face so squarely that he refused to expose a plate under the conditions. On being assured that the result, however poor, would be accepted, a non-halation plate was exposed and then an Eastman Portrait Film which had been taken along just to try out its adaptability to such work.

Mr. Rich, the photographer, advises us that the non-halation negative has no such brilliancy or gradation as the Portrait Film result shown above. Even a non-halation plate under such conditions will show halation. Film, however, is so thin that there is no room for the light to spread to any appreciable extent, so the exposure of three minutes against the skylight gave a negative practically free from halation. Of course the developer was modified merely to correct the overtiming of the glass skylight. Old developer was used in this case, though we recommend reducing the carbonate of soda.

Mr. Rich states that he sees a great future for Portrait Films in difficult commercial work. The actual results are better than those secured on a plate and there is the added convenience

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By J. B. Rich, Philadelphia, Pa.

Eastman Portrait Film Negative of lightness in carrying material for a great number of exposures. The weight of the films is hardly noticeable, while plates are a real burden. Films may also be mailed to the studio from a distance without danger of breakage.

Some commercial photographers are using Portrait Films exclusively, while others are using films in every instance where some special emulsion such as the Process or Panchromatic is not absolutely necessary. If you have not tried Eastman Portrait Film in your work, you should get acquainted with film results.