For a graceful appreciation of services rendered one would have to go far afield to find anything to surpass the tangible form in which the Officers of the 127th Battalion, C. E. F., are expressing their gratitude for the accommodation we gave them and their men at our new plant last Spring.

Above is a picture of the tablet the Colonel and his Officers have placed on the unit they occupied. The size is about 24 x 33 inches, of solid bronze with design and lettering in relief. We appreciate this token of their appreciation, for we have nothing but pleasant recollections of their stay and were mighty well pleased to serve them as we did.

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By Morrall-Hoole Studio Rochester, N. Y.

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If you can't get back to the old home as frequently or as regularly as you'd like, a new photograph will come nearest to taking your place - will bring cheer to home-keeping hearts.

Make the appointment to-day

THE PYRO STUDIO Cut No. 230. Price, 50 cents.

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By J. E. Abbe Lynchburg, Va.


The Big Guns Again

Bang! Bang! Bang!

The big guns of our advertising have opened fire and are paving the way for your advertising at short range.

They are scattering your slogan along the whole front of the army of Christmas shoppers and the fire is going to be an effective one. The big guns have the range and are far-reaching, but we are too far back of the firing line to do the close work. You must climb out of your trenches and do the close fighting in your local papers.

Our big guns are the National magazines, and through them almost every family in the entire country will be reminded, most of them several times over, that " Christmas, 1916 - Your friends can buy anything you can give them - except your photograph."

This slogan has now become so familiar to the general public that its value to you is greater than at any time since it first appeared in the big magazines. As a slogan that will fulfill its purpose by selling photographs, it is more than ever coming into its own.

Thousands of readers have analyzed it and then said to themselves, "That's a fact - I'll remember to have photographs made when I have occasion to make gifts to my friends" - and the occasion is now at hand.

These same readers will again be thoroughly sloganized long before Christmas, but they should not be left floundering about with indecision as to where they can have photographs made.

This slogan in your local paper will attract their attention quicker than anything else, if the form used in the magazines is duplicated in the ad. which bears the name and address of your studio.

Big advertisers and advertising magazines have recognized the force of this copy and have commented upon its boldness - the way it attracts attention, even when displayed in a small space with the same proportion of white space to type matter.

This is a most important point in using this copy (See page 7). It catches the eye because the white space isolates it. Crowd it in with other reading matter and it will be as hard to find as the proverbial needle in the haystack.

Don't get the idea that this slogan is old and that you should discard it for this reason, or that its value to you is nil because someone else has used it. The older and more familiar it becomes the better it is, the stronger its punch, the quicker it hits the mark and the more lasting is its impression.

Hundreds of photographers have already adopted it as a permanent slogan and have had good results from its use in almost every imaginable form of advertising, but this in no way prevents you from using it as well - in fact, it is more reason you should.This is the real gift season. Gifts are made at all times of the year, but the cream of the gift season is from now until Easter.

The successful photographer who always has a good holiday business advertises to keep it and make it a bit better each year.The most important preparation you can make this year is your advertising to get new business. You must prepare to take care of the business after you get it, but, first of all, you must get it. And as every merchant in your town is going to advertise extensively for the same dollars you are after, you can't sit idle and expect a big share of business to come your way.

You have a distinct advantage over all your competitors in other lines of business because our magazine advertising is not creating a desire for some particular article which we manufacture, but it is creating a desire for photographs, which you or some other photographer can make.

The desire for photographs is made exceptionally strong because of the personal element that enters into the making of such a gift. The only thing personal about the ordinary gift is the card of greeting that accompanies it - its value can be reckoned in dollars and cents.

"Your friends can buy anything you can give them - except your photograph" is a truth that is sinking deeper into the mind of the public with every repetition - and your competitors are advertising to sell everything imaginable - except photograph.

It's a strong competition, but you have the advantage, so make this slogan yours and use it.The copy shown on page 7 will occupy a full page in Good Housekeeping, Harper's, Century and

The Big Guns Again StudioLightMagazine1916 226


By J. E. Abbe Lynchburg, Va.

Scribner's, and approximately a quarter page in the American, Independent, and Vogue. These will be December magazines but they appear early in November. There will also be a full page in November Outlook, almost a page in November Life, and approximately quarter pages in early December numbers of Collier's and the Saturday Evening Post, giving a total circulation of fully four and a quarter million copies. With your advertising to start and finish the campaign, photographs for "Christmas 1916" will be far ahead of any other gift commodity in the minds of those who read - and that includes the greater proportion of those who buy.