This same studio sends out a neatly printed card to each school graduate which reads:

Commencement Greetings

Good wishes for your future success.

Congratulation upon your graduation.

From The Bisbee Studio.

This card is well printed and is enclosed in a plain envelope inside a mailing envelope. Another piece of good advertising issued by this studio is a "Baby Book," a copy of which is presented to the baby when its first photograph is made.

A Christmas Tree is placed in the studio each year and the children are invited to come to see it, special window displays are made and advertised, billboards are used at different seasons, and so this studio is always kept fresh in the minds of the public.

There are so many opportunities for the small town photographer to advertise and they depend so much on local conditions, that it is not possible to give advice other than of a general nature. Newspaper advertising is good because you can select the paper that reaches the people you wish for customers and can know its circulation. And people read newspaper advertising - especially the women. Advertising in souvenir programs of church or lodge affairs or similar mediums is practically worthless and should not be charged to an advertising account. If you allow yourself an advertising appropriation, make every cent of it count.

There is one other bit of good advice that every new advertiser should remember for it will save a lot of money. Never make a claim for your work that isn't altogether true. Never make a statement that you can'tor don't intend to back up, and never say you make the best work in town or in any other way indicate that you have a competitor. If you do, you will advertise him rather than yourself. The following is a good example of an advertisement you can use if you can give the percentage truthfully, but it would be bad advertising if twenty or thirty per cent, of your customers asked for re-sittings or if you did not make re-sittings cheerfully.

Often a new customer, paying the first deposit at the time of the sitting, willsaytous; "But if I don't happen to like my proofs, what then?" And we always answer, "Then you may come for a resitting; you may come again and again, if you wish, and there will be no extra charge. Our aim is to please you."

We have kept a faithful account of resittings and this is the data, not for a week, or for a month, but for a whole year; ninety-eight out of every hundred were highly pleased with the proofs first submitted ; only two per cent, asked for re-sittings. That's our record for 1915; we are very, very proud of it.

The Bisbee Studio.

1916 will be a good year.

Mr. Bisbee has made a large success in a small town. He has not only been a steady advertiser but a high grade advertiser. He has put quality into his publicity and has backed that up by putting quality into his work - and sticking to quality in his materials. He is a consistent user of Seed Plates and Artura Paper powders

Artura Developer

We are now in a position to supply Artura Developer Powders, Nos. 1 and 2 in quantities which we believe will be sufficient to fill normal requirements. These powders are for professional use only, are compounded with the same care and from the same chemicals as previously and will produce the best of results on Artura and Azo papers.

We also believe that these developer powders will be found more economical than any developer on the market that will produce similar results and we recommend them to safeguard the quality of results these papers are capable of producing.

For Azo paper the developer is prepared the same as for Artura Iris, the No. 1 powder making eight ounces of developer and the No. 2 powder, sixteen ounces. The price of the No. 1 powder per box of six cartridges is 35 cents and the No. 2 powder per box of six cartridges, 70 cents, at your dealer's.

Artura Developer StudioLightMagazine1916 167


By Clarence Stearns Rochester, Minn.

Artura Developer StudioLightMagazine1916 169


By Clarence Stearns Rochester, Minn.

Our Illustrations

Our illustrations this month are from the studio of Mr. Clarence Stearns of Rochester, Minnesota. Mr. Stearns is very popular in the Northwest, having been a traveling man in that territory for a number of years.

Since opening his studio in Rochester he has taken an active interest in association affairs, serving one year as president of the Northwestern Association and guiding its affairs through a very successful convention.

Mr. Stearns used very good judgment in locating in Rochester for, while a small town, it has the unusual advantage of having a well-to-do transient population. It is the home of two of the greatest surgeons in the world, and while it might seem at first thought that this would not be a material benefit, it really is.

Aside from the thousands who journey to Rochester every year to consult these great surgeons, there are also hundreds of other surgeons (and they come from all parts of the world) who attend the clinics in the great Rochester hospital.

The difficulty in securing the business of a transient population of this nature can only be overcome by the most effective kind of advertising. And this, it seems, Mr. Stearns is doing in a very successful manner.

The remark, quite often made, that he is an exceptionally good business man as well as an artistic photographer, pleases Mr. Stearns more than all other compliments. He is entirely devoid of ego, however, and his natural modesty has never been known to leave him.