Advertise for the business of the soldier boys. Every man or boy who leaves home to serve his country leaves those behind who are proud of the part he is taking in his country's defence. Nothing will bring them more cheer than a good portrait of that man or boy in uniform.

We have had three original drawings made specially for this advertising and cuts from all three are offered this month. Order these at once and lose no time in getting your advertising for the soldier business under way.

Once the boys are away from home, probably settled down to months of training, there will be Loyalty - first to country, then to home.

To cheer those who cannot serve as you serve but whose hearts are with you - your photograph.

The Pyro Studio Line cut No. 238. Price, 50 cents.

The Pyro Studio Line cut No. 238. Price, 50 cents.

Pictures of the home folks to make for the boys, so altogether the photographer should soon be a very busy person.

There is just one precaution to take in advertising for this business and if that precaution is not taken your advertising will do you infinitely greater harm than good. Don't speak of or intimate fatalities. Every mother, father or wife of a soldier is trying to keep such thoughts out of mind - we are all hoping that such things may be unnecessary, so don't thoughtlessly suggest such an argument as a means of getting business.

It is also well to remember that nothing is too good for these soldier boys. Because their uniforms are all alike and one wants post cards doesn't signify that all will want post cards. Your next soldier customer in the uniform of a private may be good for a twenty dollar order, so at least offer the boys the best you have and try to sell them photographs they and the folks at home will prize in the years to come.

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Y'OUR friends arc proud of you, the cause you serve and the uniform you wear. They want your photograph.

We make but one condition in our offer of these cuts. It is obvious that two photographers in the same town would not care to use the same cut. We are obliged to limit this offer to one photographer in a town. It will be a case of first come first served. Get your order in first. E. K. CO.

Portrait by Benjamin Paris, France.

Portrait by Benjamin Paris, France.