AB equals length of gown (from highest point of shoulder to floor). AG equals one-half armhole plus two inches. AD equals four to five inches. AE equals three to four inches.

To Draft Gown Fig 60a 127To Draft Gown Fig 60a 128FIG. 60.   Draft of pattern for a kimono night gown; A, gown; B, gusset.

FIG. 60. - Draft of pattern for a kimono night-gown; A, gown; B, gusset.

AF equals live to six inches. DF equals line for front neck. EF equals line for back neck.

AG equals width of front plus desired length of sleeve. CH equals one-quarter bust measure plus two inches. HI equals desired depth of sleeve on inside. BJ equals one-quarter width at bottom. HJ equals underarm seam of gown. HK equals CB.

HL equals four-inch line for setting gusset in. HM equals four-inch line for setting gusset in.

Gusset (Fig. 606)

AB equals four inches. AC equals four inches. ABCD equals square.

Drawers Patterns

.Directions for drafting patterns for straight and circular drawers are here given. Diagrams accompany both types of drafts; also an illustration of a straight drawers pattern, opened for cutting.

Straight Drawers (Fig. 61A and B)

Measures Required


Length (from waist to bend of knee)



Waist (around waist)



Hip (over bone in hip, easy measure, four to six inches below waist) ...............................................