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48 In Talmadge v. Railroad Company, 13 Barb. 493, an agreement by the plaintiff to fence along the line of the defendant's road was held not within the statute, and the case is supported by Browne (Stat. Frauds, Sec.273a), on the ground, not taken by the court, "that the duration of the plaintiffs promise was obviously limited by the duration of the circumstances of the parties leading to the malting of it." So in Richmond, etc., R. Co. v. Richmond, etc., R. Co., 96 Va. 670, 32 S. E. 787, the court upheld an oral agreement between two railroads to share the expense of maintaining a watchman at the crossing of their tracks, though the agreement was in terras unlimited as to time.

49Mott J. Ward Co. v. Goelet, 230 Fed. 979, 145 C. C. A. 173 (contract involving performance of lease extending more than a year); Morris v. Peckserve for a period extending more than a year beyond the time of making the agreement is uniformly held within the statute.50 ham, 51 Conn. 128 (contract of partnership to continue more than a year); Garber v. Goldstein, 92 Conn. 226, 102 Atl. 606 (contract of lease for more than a year); Radomalti v. E. R. Stege Brewery, 258 111. 325, 101 N. E. 73 (promise to pay 60 cts. for every barrel of beer sold by a saloon during a lease of three years); Lowman v. Sheets, 124 Ind. 416, 24 N. E. 361, 7 L.R. A. 784 (contract to share expenses of keeping mares for four years); Kel-ley v. Thompson, 175 Mass. 427, 66 N. E. 713 (promise to apply a discount on a note payable in two years, when the note was Bottled); Cooperative Tel. Co. p. Katus, 140 Mich. 367, 103 N. W. 814, 112 Am. St. Rep. 414 (contract to rent a telephone for three years); Miles v. Shrove, 179 Mich. 671,146 N. W. 374 (a parol agreement by a lessee for a term of five years to pay an increased rental); Keller p. Mayer Fertiliser Co., 163 Mo. App. 120, 132 S. W. 314 (a contract to buy and sell for a period exceeding a year all of certain goods which the seller might accumulate); Reynolds v. First Nat. Bank, 62 Neb. 747, 87 N. W. 912 (a contract to save harmless the surety on a bond, the obligation of which extended beyond a year); Clement p. Rowe, 33 S. Dak. 499, 146 N. W. 700 (promise performable if after two years a corporation had not paid dividends); Crenshaw v. Bishop (Tex. Civ. App.), 143 S. W. 284 (agreement to care for and breed stock for three years on shares); Spokane Canal Co. v. Coffman, 61 Wash. 367, 112 Pac. 383 (agreement to cultivate fruit trees for five years). It is immaterial that the period is not stated in words, if plainly indicated. Thus a contract to deliver all the logs on a piece, containing about 90,000, at the rate of 200 a day is within the statute. Edwards v. Farve, 110 Miss. 864, 71 So. 12.

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And an oral promise of permanent performance, not personal in character and, therefore, not terminable by the death of the promisor, or his cessation of business is equally obnoxious.51 An oral contract which is capable of performance within a year is not invalidated by the fact that a later agreement between the parties made in furtherance of the first cannot be performed within that time.52