Probably more jurisdictions in the United States have followed the early English authorities which hold a promise enforceable if supported by past consideration rendered at the promisor's request than have denied it. A certain ambiguity lurks in the word request; so far as the natural English meaning of the word is concerned, it may mean request as a favor as well as request as a matter of business in return for compensation.96 Most jurisdictions do indeed deny validity to a promise made in consideration of past services,97 or payments96 intended to be gratuitous when, rendered or made. But even on so plain a matter as this, a few courts under the fiction of an implied request where a benefit has been given, or under the doctrine of moral consideration, have enforced such promises to pay for a past consideration though it was intended at the time when it was given to be gratuitous.99 Where, however, services axe rendered because requested as a matter of business and where consequently there is a contemporaneous promise implied in fact to pay for them, the weight of authority in the United States supports the validity of a subsequent promise defining the extent of the promisor's undertaking.1

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