A ratification may be conditional and, if so, on the happening of the condition, but not before, a liability will arise.50 It is also possible to ratify part of a unilateral liability incurred in infancy without ratifying the whole obligation;51 but where a contract involves mutual obligations, the former infant cannot by partial ratification bind the other party to accept partial performance in return for all or part of the performance which the latter undertook to give.52 A promise or admission of liability made by the former infant to a third person creates no liability.53

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Sec. 156. Ratification Of A Contract Made During Insanity

The effect of a lunatic's bargain is the subject of considerable difference of judicial opinion, and this question has been elsewhere considered;54 but in all jurisdictions except the few which may hold the contract of an insane person absolutely void, a subsequent promise made after the lunatic has become sane is an effective ratification.55