The contract must be either a promise to pay or an order commanding another to pay.1 The former is a promissory note or bond: the latter a bill of exchange or check. So a promise by A to B to accept an order from C, with C's name indorsed thereon, is not a bill of exchange, the order not having been drawn.2 Accordingly a mere acknowledgment of a debt,3 such as an I. O. U.,4 is not negotiable. The difficulty and cause of disagreement among the courts is to determine when such an instrument amounts to a promise to pay. If a receipt contains an express promise to repay it may be a promissory note, as a receipt containing the words, "Which we promise to replace ... on de

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4 Gay v. Roake, 151 N.E. 115; mand."5 If a receipt provides for repayment, it is a promissory note, though it contains no express promise to pay.0 Thus the words "payable,"7 or "to be paid,"8 make the instrument in which they are contained a note instead of a mere receipt. So a statement of time at which the debt is due,9 as "due ... on demand," 10 may import a promise. Some authorities, however, go farther and treat all due-bills as promissory notes, on the theory that they contain an implied promise to pay.11 An acknowledgment of a debt evidenced by a lost note and a renewal of such note is in effect a promise to pay such debt, and may itself be negotiable.12