This contract made this---------day of ---------, 19 -, by and between A. B., of---------and C. D., of---------, Witnesses:

That the said A. B. for a valuable consideration, the receipt of which is hereby acknowledged, hereby sells, assigns, transfers and sets over unto the said C. D. all moneys now due, and all moneys which may hereafter become due him as salary or wages from . F. & Company, his employer, between the date hereof and the--------- day of---------, 19 -.

That the said A. B. may collect said salary as agent for said C. D. from said E. F. & Company, as the same becomes due, provided and on condition that the said A. B. shall pay the same to said C. D. on or before one day after the same becomes due.

That on failure of said A. B. to so pay over said salary to said C. D. the authority of said A. B. to collect the same as agent of said C. D. shall be revoked and the said C. D. shall therafter have the sole right to collect said moneys.

In witness whereof, etc. ---------,

For the validity of assignments of wages, see Sec. 2245, 2260 and 3739.