Staining Wood Black

Almost any wood can be dyed black by the following: means: Take logwood extract, powder 1 ounce and boil it in 3 1/4 pints of water; when the extract is dissolved, add 1 drachm potash yellow chromate (not the bichromate), and agitate the whole. The liquid will serve equally well to write with or to stain wood. Its color is a very fine dark purple, which becomes a pure black when applied to the wood.

Stannic Sulphide

Stannic sulphide is obtained by passing through a heated tube sulphurated hydrogen and stannic chloride. It can also be made by heating mixtures of corrosive sublimate and stannic sulphide.

Steam Boiler Insulation

To insulate steam boilers, grind with water into a paste of consistency of mortar, asbestos, gypsum, cement and cork waste, applying same with a trowel.

Steel-Gray Coating

The mixture for steel-gray coating is prepared as follows: Triturate 3 85-100 grains of lamp-black with 3 drops of gold-size oil in a dish to a homogeneous cohering mass and dilute this with 24 drops of oil of turpentine. Apply with fine brush in very thin and uniform layers and allow to dry thoroughly.

Steel-Gray On Brass

To obtain steel-gray coloring on brass employ a compound of:

1 pound Strong Hydro-Chloric Acid,

1 pint of Water, to which the addition is made of:

5 1/4 ounces Pulverized Antimonic Sulphide, 5 3/4 ounces Pulverized Iron Filings.

(2) Another mixture for this purpose is composed of hydro-chloric acid compounded with arsenious acid. This compound is put in a lead vessel and the objects immersed in it should be brought in touch with the leaden sides of the vessel or should be enwrapped with a strip of lead.

Steel-Gray On Copper

In order to give copper a steel-gray color the articles are to be cleaned and pickled in a heated solution of chloride of antimony in hydro-chloric acid. By the use of a strong galvanic current a coating with a steel-gray precipitation of arsenic may be given the articles by putting them in a heated arsenic bath. If it is desired to give copper a dark, steel-gray color a good pickle consists of 1 quart of hydro-chloric acid, 1/8 quart nitric acid, 1 1/2 ounces iron filings, 1 1/2 ounces arsenious acid.

Steel Made To Imitate Gold

In order to give a ground steel object the appearance of gold or good bronze, the first step is in removing all dirt from the same by a bath in benzine, petroleum or 'turpentine. It is then to be heated and a light gold varnish applied, which on drying is to be coated with the best copal lacquer.


Sterro-metal is composed of:

54 parts Copper, 40 parts Zinc, 6 parts Ferro-manganese.

Talmi Gold

Talmi gold is a copper-zinc alloy composed of:

86 4-10 parts Copper, 12 2-10 parts Zinc, 1 1-10 parts Tin, 1 3-10 parts Iron.

Tartar Emetic

Tartar emetic is made by boiling cream of tartar with tetroxide of antimony until its dissolution.

Tempering Magnets

To temper magnets, use a water-tight vessel, with two soft-iron pole pieces at the bottom. Place underneath these the poles and electro-magnet. Partially till the vessel with water, and put a layer of oil above this. Plunge the red-hot bar through these. It will be found that its prior passage through the oil will soften the steel without demagnetization.