The original of this exquisite old design of red velvet, with gold and silver couched embroidery, is a covering of a box to hold the Host. It is Italian work of the 16th century, a famous object of art in the collection of the Baron Davillier. The design will be found

Top and Side of the Cover of a Host box. (Italian, Sixteenth Century.)

Top and Side of the Cover of a Host-box. (Italian, Sixteenth Century.) very suitable for an antependium if enlarged three or four times the present size. The beautiful Renaissance scroll work proceeding from the chalice may be executed in blue and deep pink, or blue and terra-cotta, emphasized with a little black. The scroll lines should be in gold and the cornucopia forms may have their rolled over tops and the centre bands in gold. While it would be possible to use many gold lines in bringing out the design, it is best to economize them in order not to detract from the chalice and the representation of the Sacred Wafer, which should be all or nearly all in gold. The silk work should be in opus plumarium, and the gold should be couched in brick stitch. It will be seen that the satin stitch diapered may be used in a few places in the design. The disk and chalice and some other portions which present sufficient surface may be applied to simplify the work if one wishes so to do, but the design is worthy of elaborate embroidery.

Designs For Embossed Leather Or Pyrography.

Panel for Cigar-case.

Cigarette Case. By Ellen Sparks.

(For suggestions for treatment, see page 265.)

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