For Bent-Ikon Workers

A combination tool and table for bent-iron work, sent to us by the manufacturers, Hobbies, Ltd., is a wonderfully effective and compact arrangement. Indeed, it is all that is claimed for it. By its means bent-iron work may be carried on in an ordinary sitting room. The table, being of metal, is suited for metal work, and it can be clamped to a dining table without injuring the wood. The first special feature of the outfit is the combination clamp and vice, the usefulness of which may be seen at a glance. Another very useful feature is the shear. Most bent-iron workers, especially ladies, find shearing a troublesome and often painful operation when attempted with metal-cutting scissors. With this shear, however, there is neither trouble nor hard work, and by means of the length gauge a number of strips of similar length may be cut in a very short time. This is very useful, as when numerous curves of similar size are required, there is no trouble in measuring and marking off each one before it is cut. The bending block, which is held in the vice, is also valuable when many similar curves are required. An anvil is also included in the outfit, for this is almost indispensable to bent-iron workers. Still another accessory to this most convenient little machine is the die and punch for forming collar bands. A short strip of the ribbon iron is placed in the die, and a single knock with the punch forms the collar at once. (Hobbies Limited, Dereham, Norfolk. Price 5s.)

For Bent Ikon Workers 409

"Hobbies" Combination Tool for Bent-iron Workers.

The Moberly Work Frame Stand

As a constant user of this most ingenious invention for supporting the embroidery rame, I have much pleasure in calling attention to its many advantages over the old-fashioned stationary standing frame. The chief of these is that, by a series of clever contrivances, the same stand expands and contracts to fit various sized frames, and can also be easily raised and lowered at the convenience of the worker, and adjusted to any required angle. Strong iron clips with screws secure the work frame in its place, and little pegs hold the movable ends in the desired position. The merits of an independent support such as this will commend themselves to every practical worker; for who has not suffered from her frame being too large or too small for the object she has in view ? With a Moberly stand this difficulty disappears. All that is required is a stout frame with flat ends, in which the work is tightly stretched; and this, when adjusted in the stand, is much more rigid than any mere standing frame can possibly be; while to take out the frame containing one piece of work and substitute either a larger or a smaller one is but the work of a moment. In short, it is impossible to praise too highly a contrivance which combines so many obvious advantages. M. B. H.

New Wood Carving Designs, specially suited to the needs of the amateur worker, are being issued by Messrs. Harger Brothers (Settle, Yorkshire). With the full-sized outline drawing, they send a smaller photographic reproduction of the finished object - an excellent idea, for it indicates plainly the general effect and the exact degree of relief required.

"The English Easelette" is a compact and ingenious device, enabling one, after securing his picture, cartoon, or drawing to the adjustable table or platform which forms part of the easel, to manipulate it independently of the plane of the legs. Alterations of plane or angle, height and level, may be made instantly without re-arranging the stand, or the easel may be moved about from one place to another, with one hand, without the least danger to the work attached to it. While the platform is easily adjusted at any required angle to suit the painter in oil, it seems to be particularly suited to the water-colourist, whose need of a horizontal surface to work upon is obvious. The difficulty of meeting this simple requirement sometimes compels him, when working on a large scale, to go down upon the floor in order to manipulate his "washes" with requisite freedom. Any sized board may be affixed to the body of the "Easelette," and the whole arrangement, which is securely rigid when in position, is as easy for use indoors as out.