The alphabet, which we continue from last month, is well suited for table linen of all kinds, and if enlarged it would serve for pillow slips and sheets. The letters should be carefully traced on the linen and, then, for the very best style of work it is necessary to work them in a hand frame. It is possible to do without a frame.but even in skilled hands there is a danger of drawing or puckering the foundation. Take fine French embroidery thread and neatly outline the letter: then pad it so as to raise the satin stitch and give an embossed appearance. To pad properly, all the cotton should be kept on the top by taking up very tiny stitches on the top side at long intervals. The padding should be much thicker toward the centre. For finishing the work, satin stitch only should be employed, as close, fine, and even as possible.

"Air." - Second of a Series of Four Panels - The Elements. (See Supplement A.) A full treatment was given last month for the companion figure, Earth. This should be followed in working the present and succeeding panels. The colouring may be varied, but the general tunc should he uniform if the series is to be made up together.