We will suggest a design and scheme of colouring for your curtains if you give more particulars as to the character of your room.


You can use a Tambour frame for your fair linen cloth; the chain stitch part can be worked with a needle or a tambour hook as you prefer.

Kate C

If you will send your address and a stamped envelope to the office (37, Strand), addressed "Needlework Department," we will send you the information you require.

L. L. C. - There is no reason why you should not use the Rose Design on page 75 (July) for .a table centre and d'oyleys as you suggest. If you lay your muslin over the page you can draw the pattern through; use the circular ones just as you have them for the d'oyleys and arrange the border around the centre.


For the Fire-screen, you will never improve on the four figures of "The Elements," now appearing in Arts and Crafts. You might follow the treatment given with the first of these, "Earth," or. for your white room, use one cool green tone of silk, darning the background and outlining the Heme, This has an excellent effect of you follow the outline carefully.