This is a paper whose value consists in its absorbing qualities, and these depend as much upon the mode of preparation as upon the material. For blotting of a high class, cotton rags of the weakest and tenderest description procurable should be chosen. Boil them with 4 lb. caustic soda per cwt. that is, if you have no facilities for boiling them with lime alone. When furnished in the breaking-engine, wash thoroughly before letting down the roll; then reduce them to half-stuff, and as soon as possible empty into the poacher, or convey to the poacher as the case may be, and bleach with great care. When up to the desired colour, empty into the drainer, and drain immediately. It may be mentioned that the breaker-plate ought to be sharp when starting to blottings. The beater roll and plate should be in good order, and the stuff beaten off smartly, not to exceed 1 1/2 hour in the engine. For pink blottings, furnish 2/3 white cottons and 1/3 turkey reds, if they can be got; if not, dye with cochineal to the desired shade, empty down to the machine before starting, and see that the vacuum-pumps are in good condition. Remove the weights from the couch roll, and, if there are lifting screws, raise the top couch roll a little. Now take the shake-belt off, as the shake will not be required.

Press lightly with the first press, and have the top roll of the second press covered with an ordinary jacket similar to a couch roll jacket. Dry hard, and pass through one calendar with the weights off, and the roll as light as possible - just enough to smooth slightly. (Dunbar.)