Six threads from the flannel stitch and ten threads from the left-hand edge of the model, begin the blanket stitch by taking up on the needle four threads of the canvas vertically, keeping the thread under the needle to form a loop. Two threads to the right of the first stitch take another in every way similar, and so continue across the width of the model. The first stitch should be taken as a backstitch to hold the thread firm, as no knot is used.

Questions And Answers

What is the last stitch on the model called? Ans. Blanket stitch.

Why is it given this name? Ans. Because it is used for finishing the edge of blankets and other things which are too thick to hem.

How is the blanket stitch begun? Ans. At the left-hand side of the model with a backstitch.

How is the stitch taken? Ans. Ten threads from the left-hand edge of the model, and six threads from the last row of flannel stitching, take four threads vertically on the needle, and keep the thread under it to form a loop.

What does vertically mean? Ans. It means straight up and down. How many threads are there between each of these stitches? Ans. There are two.