Atlantic Coast.

Nantucket, Massachusetts.

Narragarsett Pier, Rhode Island.

Block Island, Rhode Island.

Norfolk, Virginia.

Cape Henry, Virginia.

Currituck Inlet, North Carolina.

Kitty Hawk, North Carolina.

Hatteras, North Carolina.

Sand Key, Florida. Pacific Coast.

Tatoosh Island, Washington.

Neah Bay, Washington.

East Clallam, Washington.

Twin Rivers, Washington.

Port Crescent, Washington.

North Head, Washington.

Point Reyes Light, California.

San Francisco, California.

Southeast Farallone, California. Lake Huron.

Thunder Bay Island, Michigan.

Middle Island, Michigan.

Alpena, Michigan.

Of the above stations the following, and also Jupiter, Florida, are supplied with International Code Signals, and communication can be had therewith for the purpose of obtaining information concerning the approach of storms, weather conditions in general, and for the purpose of sending telegrams to points on commercial lines.

Nantucket, Massachusetts. Block Island, Rhode Island. Cape Henry, Virginia. Kitty Hawk, North Carolina. Sand Key, Florida. Tatoosh Island, Washington. Hatteras, North Carolina. Neah Bay, Washington. Point Reyes Light, California. Southeast Farallone, California.

Any message signaled by the International Code, as adopted or used by England, France, America, Denmark, Holland, Sweden, and Norway, Russia, Greece, Italy, Germany, Austria, Spain, Portugal, and Brazil, received at these telegraphic signal stations, will be transmitted and delivered to the address on payment at the station of the tele-graphic change. All messages received from or addressed to the War, Navy, Treasury, State, Interior, or other official department at Washington, are telegraphed without charge over the Weather Bureau lines.