Transfer of ownership in a corporation from one person to another. The actual method of accomplishing this is for the holder of the certificate (see "Stock Certificate") to fill in a blank to be found upon the back of the same, inserting the name and address of the next owner and signing his or her name. (If owned by another corporation, then that corporation's name followed by the signature of the officer authorized to sign for such purpose, and accompanied by a copy of the vote or extract from the company's by-laws, authorizing the transfer, and certified by some officer other than the one signing the transfer.) Then the signature should be witnessed by another person who should sign after the word "Witness." Care should always be taken to make the owner's signature upon the back agree exactly in wording and spelling with the name as filled in upon the front of the certificate. For example, if Mrs. Maria Morton is the name on the front, then she must prefix the Mrs. to her signature on the back. The certificate may then be sent to the transfer agent (see " Transfer Agent ") and a new one - the old certificate being cancelled - will be issued in the name of the new owner, and delivered in accordance with instructions accompanying the old certificate. Suppose, however, Maria Morton owned a certificate for fifty shares of a certain stock, of which she had sold to John Roe, twenty. She would then fill in upon the back, in the blank showing the next owner, as follows:

John Roe twenty shares

Give in each case the full post-office address.

Maria Morton thirty shares

And then the transfer agent would issue new certificates accordingly.

There is another part of the blank upon the back of a stock certificate, which is sometimes filled in by the person wishing to make transfer; that part which allows the naming of an attorney to make the transfer. If, for any reason, Maria Morton should wish to send her certificates to some one in whom she placed confidence, giving this person - not necessarily a lawyer - power to go to the transfer agent and accomplish the transfer, she must fill in the name of the person to whom she wishes to delegate such power and in the blank the brokers, is for the seller of a certificate to fill in upon the back the name of the party to whom he is selling. This will compel a transfer of the certificate before it can again be sold last mentioned. The name of one's broker or banker is often used in this way. (Read "Transfer in Blank.")

Transfer agents must be satisfied as to the genuineness of signatures on certificates. It is well, therefore, when the signature is likely to be unknown to the transfer agent, to have some bank, banking firm, or notary public guarantee the signature.

Certificates should always be made out in one's full Christian name. In the case of a married woman "Mrs" should be prefixed, and in the case of an unmarried woman "Miss." In case of marriage, or re-marriage, a new certificate should be issued at once with the change of name. To have this done, fill in the transfer blank on the back, as follows: "Mrs. Maria Roe, formerly Maria Morton." Sign the transfer blank the same as on the front, "Maria Morton" in this example, and forward for transfer. A woman must never use her husband's Christian name in the issuing of a certificate; for instance, it should be issued to Mrs. Maria Roe, not Mrs. John Roe.

If a certificate is received, issued with any error, report such error to the transfer agent at once.

In the case of a lost certificate, notify the transfer agent immediately, sending description of certificate, particularly its number.

In transferring to a corporation, give the exact legal title, in order that there may be no mistake in the name.

When to a person under guardianship, the certificate should read, for instance, "William French, minor,1 under guardianship of Henry Allen." When a transfer of such a certificate is necessary, the guardian must send with it a recently certified copy of his appointment - likewise administrators and executors, who must also send certified copy of the will - also the license of the court appointing him (if the laws of the State under which he is appointed require such a license). If a guardianship is ended, the legal evidence must be furnished.

Should it be desired to issue a certificate to a trustee, or trustees, send full description of the trust, giving clear reference to the document under which the trust was created. It is best to give the name of the beneficiary if possible.

Never make any additions or alterations to the face of a certificate.

Always give prompt notice of change of address to the transfer agents of all the different stocks owned. Name the corporations in the notice.

In transferring under a power of attorney, send the original power or a certified (by a notary) copy of it. Such powers should be of recent date, or clearly show in their wording that they are still in force.

1 If insane, write " incompetent " in place of " minor."

Unless there is State law giving authority for direct transfer, husband and wife should always transfer to one another through the medium of a third person. Executors, guardians, trustees, administrators, and attorneys should never have certificates transferred to them individually.

Transfers by trustees, administrators, or executors should be made with care. It is well to find out just what the transfer agent wishes in such cases.

For delivery upon the New York Stock Exchange, a certificate in the name of a married woman, and properly signed and witnessed by her, is acceptable unless the transfer books of the particular company are closed, when a joint execution of the assignment by both husband and wife before a notary public is required.

Ordinary form of reverse side of stock certificate:

For value received I hereby sell, assign, and transfer unto

John Roe, 23 Broad St., Cartersville, N. C, all my right, title, and interest represented by the within certificate, and hereby constitute and appoint---------------------------------------------------------true and lawful attorney, with full power of substitution, for the purpose of effecting the transfer of said interest on the transfer books of the depository referred to in said certificate.

Dated this 1st day of Jan., 1907.

(Mrs.) Maria Jones. In the presence of William Green