Field Scorpion Grass (Myosotis Arvensis, Hill)

The habitat of this plant is fields, hedge banks, woods, shady places, waste places, cultivated ground. The habit is erect. The stems are numerous, the lower leaves stalked, oblong, blunt, the upper acute. The flowers are blue, bell-shaped, the corolla usually hollow, the calyx is in 5 segments divided to the middle, with spreading hooked hairs. The limb of the corolla equals the tube. The style is very short. The spreading flower-stalks are longer than the calyx. The small nutlets are flattened at the sides, brown, bordered, keeled in front. The plant is 6-18 in. in height, flowering in June up to August, and is annual or biennial and herbaceous.

Dwarf Forget-Me-Not (Myosotis Collina, Hoffm.)

The habitat of this plant is fields, dry sandy places, banks, waste ground, walls. It has an erect habit, with stems branched from the base, slender or tufted with prostrate branches. The leaves are oblong, linear, blunt, or with a point. The flowers are bright-blue, with a short tube, the calyx of the fruit open, and swollen below. The style is half as long as the calyx. The hairs on the latter are hooked and spreading. The calyx is not so long as the flower-stalk. The plant is 3-12 in., usually 4-5, in height. It flowers between May and July. The plant is an annual.